Because changing minds, changes lives


Welcome to MIND TEAM. We’re all about supporting you to make the changes you need for you, your child or young person, and your family. Because you are shaped by your thoughts and what you think, you become. And because working on your mental health, is working on your full self.

We want you to become the best you can be. No-one’s perfect and no-one has a perfect life (including us!) but we do have the expertise and experience to help. So if you’re a mum or dad with a child or young adult who has difficulties managing their behaviour and you’ve run out of ideas and patience, or a school looking to train more staff in emotional resilience, trauma or bereavement, we’re here and can help.

As experienced health and mental health coaches, we offer a safe space to talk with support tailored to your needs whether that’s your child or young person achieving more at school and better family time, or you need help to improve your own health and happiness.

We’d love to hear from you. Please book a free consultation to see how we can work with you.

What we do

We offer tailored mental health coaching to children over 4 through to 25 years of age who need help managing anger, anxiety, school and home behaviours. We focus on creating safe spaces to understand behavioural triggers, to change habits and to build resilience for learning and life.

We provide physical health coaching for all ages so whether you’re six or sixty (or just want to stay at your shoe age!) we help with diet and lifestyle advice and support.

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Being safe, what we are not

We are not an acute mental health/crisis service. Mind Team coaches are like personal trainers for mental and physical health. We are trusted, professional coaches and clear what we can and can’t do. Please, if you have any immediate concerns regarding the mental health of a child or young person, please call NHS 111 or make an urgent GP appointment. There’s more information on the NHS UK website.

In a life-threatening emergency, don't hesitate to contact 999 immediately.

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MIND TEAM Community

Sharing ideas, free resources and our take on the world! If you’d like to contribute or get in touch, let us know at

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Our Practice

We work across a variety of settings from home to schools, in person or by phone depending on your needs and what you like. We’ll have a chat with you to decide together what works best for you, your child or young person.

Our values drive how we work. We listen, we inspire, we empower, we care. We care about our clients. We care about our community. And we care about the planet. For more about our organisation and what we do, please click the button below.


Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.

— Bruce D Perry, MD, PhD from his book, The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog


Why we’re different

We believe in everyone’s potential and the power of human love. And we believe mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin. Releasing fears and anxiety and believing you can, plus a healthy diet with fun and play (read exercise grownups!) is your path to a happier you.