What we do


identify triggers for anger, anxiety and behaviour management

Many children and young people experience anger and anxiety that can be expressed in many ways from being withdrawn to being the class clown - anything to stop attention being focused on the real problem, usually because that’s painful and might be trauma based. We work on a one-to-one basis in hourly sessions using age appropriate techniques to help each individual understand the cause and finding the best way together to manage it.

Challenge unhelpful thinking and habits

We find, particularly with older children and young adults, that patterns of negative self-talk have already been established. We believe that everyone is good enough but can always develop (including us!). We help challenge these unhelpful habitual ways of thinking to help rewire brains and thoughts. Recent research shows we don’t have a set and final number of brain cells but have what’s called ‘plasticity’. The good news is that we can rewire our brains by consistent application of different actions or thoughts.

Group work

In schools, small groups can help with friendship difficulties or be a safe space to explore similar mental health worries.

And there’s lots of studies that show group work can make a real difference to people wanting to make lifestyle changes - you’d have buddies to help keep you on track! Talk to us if you have some like-minded friends or colleagues who would like to get together and make a difference!

teach techniques to scale and adjust mood 

Regulating your mood is a learnt skill. First of all you have to understand what you are feeling and what you can do about it. We then teach techniques to help children and young people understand where they are on for example, a temperature scale of 1 - 10 and how to adjust their rating as appropriate to the situation.

build resilience for learning and life, supporting families to work towards wellness

We’re not about creating dependence but resilient skills that children, young people and yes, families too, can apply to their life. Our wish is this helps restore calm and happiness to enable success at school, home and socially.

diet and lifestyle advice and support

There’s enough conflicting advice out there to make anyone’s head whirl. Is any alcohol safe, or is it ok to drink a small glass of wine everyday are examples of good questions! You might want to reverse your Type 2 diabetes, have given up losing weight, know you should but lost the plot with exercise or be totally stressed out. We all have different needs and different bodies with different genes. That means finding out what you want, what works for you and holding you to account for doing it!

relaxation, mindfulness and guided meditation

This works. Stress is a part of everyday life and these techniques are great ways for everyone, no matter how old or young, to help you cope with life’s pressures. We teach relaxation, mindfulness and guided meditation as part of our work so you can (re)learn to breathe, learn to enjoy the now and help stop worrying about the future.

being safe, what we are not

We’re health and mental health coaches. We want everyone to have a chance to reach their full potential and feel happy and fulfilled.

But we can’t work with people big or small, if we think you may have a serious mental health illness because we’re not doctors and we don’t work in hospitals or clinics. Please read our boundaries statement which explains what we can, and what we can’t do. If we really believe we’re not the right people to help, then we won’t leave you high and dry! We’ll help you navigate to the right place so you get the right care for you.