Why use a primal health coach?

When people are looking to make major health changes—from losing weight to addressing chronic conditions, transforming their fitness
to recharging their vitality—it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is where a health coach can make all the difference. Using the expert guidance and personal support of a coach can be the most powerful investment you can make in your health and well-being.

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What do primal health coaches do?

It’s about guiding you to where you want to be — from clarifying the your vision to defining strategies for maintaining success once you’ve got there. Armed with holistic knowledge of how fitness, nutrition and lifestyle influence well-being, as a health coach, I can work with you to design an inclusive, flexible and responsive plan to help you move daily towards healthy choices.

Over the last 50 years we have seen a significant rise in autoimmune disease, food and environmental allergies, diabetes and obesity - or ‘diabesity’. And it’s so easy to get lost in working out what’s right for me with so much conflicting information out there.

What’s very clear is that it’s not simply a matter of calories in and calories out. Or eat this and you can exercise it off. It’s the type (and when) of calories you eat that affects how your body works.

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Benefits of using a primal health coach

What health coaches are able to do is to step in and help where other healthcare practitioners are unable to give that time.

I can help you with specific goals you can work towards, give you recipes and diet guidelines, exercises and lifestyle management tools to help reduce the stress that can so often contribute to disease or illness. I will follow up with you on a regular basis to help you stay on track and answer any questions or concerns.

Health coaches are sought out as mentors to help guide, empower, support and motivate individuals to implement and sustain lifestyle and behavioural changes in order to achieve your health and well-being goals.


why the primal health model?

Primal Health Coaching is a coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principles. The context for this model is the acclaimed Primal Blueprint which supports maximum vitality and well-being across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, sun, play and enrichment.

It’s straightforward even though the biological mechanisms are complex: the plan is to normalise your hormonal responses by adapting evolutionary patterns for modern day lifestyles. That affects how your genes express themselves (up or downcycle) to get the changes and optimum well-being and energy you want in your life.

Thought you were stuck with your genes forever? Think again. Our genes all express themselves as a result of the information we give them. Whether that’s food, the amount of light, toxins or other environmental factors such as stress or exercise. You can turn up the right genes through the right information or turn on the wrong ones. You can choose.